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Advancing Fiber

Footprint molded fiber technology replaces thermoformed plastic, expanded polystyrene packaging and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) trays.  Our advanced manufacturing process delivers superior performance, strength and surface finish when compared to traditional molded pulp products.


Our manufacturing facilities deliver game-changing enhancements to an industry that has seen little change over the last 100 years, including:


  • Process improvements that reduce energy use by 30% and reclaim 96% of waste water used during manufacturing
  • Wind tunnels used to dry parts with minimal energy
  • Heat exchangers capture and reuse spent energy
  • Automated production increases yield rates and drives costs lower
  • Greatest range of draft angles, colors and integrated moisture barriers currently available in the market
  • Fiber packaging with advanced surface finishes that were previously only achievable with plastic


As a direct manufacturer of molded fiber, Footprint is revolutionizing how companies think about fiber solutions.

Plastic EliminationFooter_Molded-Fiber.png

No more plastic that lasts forever.

Because we believe that your packaging should not outlast your product, Footprint has specialized in delivering molded fiber solutions that are replacing plastic at price parity.   Even our fiber solutions that have integrated oil and water barriers are 100% plastic free.  No plastic laminates needed.