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Footprint eliminates plastics from our food and oceans. Co-founders Troy Swope and Yoke Chung are committed to creating change by eliminating single-use plastics.

Executive Leaders


Brandon Moore

SVP of Engineering Design

Steve Lucero

SVP of Manufacturing

Heather Knox Updated

Heather Knox

SVP Global Communications

Jeff Bassett

SVP of Sales

Cary Newton

SVP of Customer Acquisition

Jean Pelkey

VP of Engineering Platforms

Kent Warner

VP of Engineering Platforms

Mike Rutigliano

VP of Equipment Engineering

Michelle Phen-Givoni

VP of Material Science

Eliza Lemons FP Employee2

Eliza Lemons

VP of Design & Tooling

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

SVP of Finance


Brett Slaughter

SVP Planning and Procurement

Kelly Helein

VP of Strategic Accounts

Yiyun Zhang

Director of Material Science

Board of Directors

Don Thompson

Don Thompson

Chairman of the Board – Footprint
Founder & CEO – Cleveland Avenue
Former President & CEO – McDonald’s Corporation
Director- Beyond Meat
Director- Royal Caribbean
Director- The Northern Trust Company
Advisory Board- Docusign

Kevin Easler

Kevin Easler

CEO – Zenfinity Capital
Co-Founder – Sprouts Farmers Market


Manu Bettegowda

Partner – Olympus Partners
Director – Liquibox
Director – Foodware Group
Director – AmSpec
Director – Tank Holding Corp.
Former Director – Waddington Group
Former Director – Pregis


Stefan Kirsten

Co-Founder and Managing Director Monarch
Chairman Vonovia Finance BV
Non-Executive Director Jeronimo Martins SGPS SA
Non-Executive Director Movendo Capital BV
Non-Executive Director Sociedade Francisco Manuel dos Santos BV

Les Brun

Les Brun

Lead Director – Merck, Inc
Lead Director – Broadridge
Financial Solutions
Chairman – CDK Global
Director – Corning, Inc
Former Chairman – ADP, Inc
Former Director & Chair of Compensation Committee – Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Brian Krzanich

Brian Krzanich

CEO – CDK Global
Former CEO – Intel Corp
Lead director – AMS AG and Chair of Nominating Committee
Former director – Deere & Company
Former director and chairman – Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)

Rich Daly

Rich Daly

Executive Chairman – Broadridge Financial Solutions
Former CEO – Broadridge Financial Solutions
Former Director – ADP, Inc
Director – SIFMA Foundation

New Troy Swope - 2

Troy Swope

CEO – Footprint
Co-Founder – Footprint

Yoke Chung

CTO – Footprint
Co-Founder – Footprint

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