Yoke Chung

Co-founder Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Yoke Chung leads world-class engineers, scientists, environmentalists, and designers delivering new materials science technologies that perform like plastic while keeping harmful materials out of the food chain. Yoke’s vision is to create a future where sustainable solutions lower costs of plastic alternatives through technical and manufacturing innovation. Yoke not only oversees all technology development at Footprint, but is also responsible for the design and development of the advanced automated processes in Footprint’s factories worldwide. 

Yoke served in many roles during a 14-year tenure at Intel where he developed Intel’s first environmentally friendly Pb-free electronic package, and where he also met his Footprint co-founder Troy Swope. He later went on to join Footprint CEO Troy Swope as the VP of technology, manufacturing, and materials at Unisource Global Solutions where he led material engineering, product development, quality engineering and technology development center teams, before founding Footprint together in 2014. Yoke holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University.