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As an essential business, Footprint has remained dedicated to delivering products to our customers throughout the pandemic.

We thank our customers while we all continue to support their essential business manufacturing needs. Working together, through web meetings as essential partners through this challenging time, strengthens our long-term commitments to each other.

We thank our remote employees who continue to help protect our engineers and manufacturing workers who must work in the office. While we miss the physical camaraderie, our productivity via web meetings has been outstanding.  

We thank our manufacturing and engineering employees for continuing COVID-19 preventative measures: 


Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it mean to be an “essential business”?

An essential business is one that provides products or services that people rely on every day or that may be necessary for citizens during this time period. This includes grocery stores, food products and manufacturing.

Is Footprint an essential business?

Yes, Footprint supplies critical fiber packaging for top customers like ConAgra’s frozen food Power Bowl’s which consumers were increasing their purchases. Footprint also produces sweetgreen salad bowls which have helped feed many health care workers through their #FeedTheFrontline. We also manufacture fiber product packaging for ventilator parts and modems that support healthcare and families.

What Safety measures has Footprint taken?

Footprint followed the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines throughout the pandemic. Closely monitoring the evolving safety protocol to protect our employees.

Were Footprint’s manufacturing locations open?

Yes, as an essential business, we remained open and continue to operate with our dedicated team of manufacturing workers.

  • Arizona location remained open throughout; on May 13, 2020 Arizona’s Gov. Doug Ducey lifted all restrictions.

  • South Carolina location remained open throughout; on May 11, 2020 South Carolina’s Gov. Henry McMaster lifted restrictions.

  • Mexicali location remained open other than a brief period, when the Mexico government reviewed and approved Footprint as an essential business.

Temperature checks

Processes will be put in place to create a comfortable and private experience for each employee, while maintaining privacy.

You have been incredible Footprint Heroes.

Thank you to our amazing United States (Arizona, South Carolina), Mexico (Mexicali), and Europe (UK) teams for their continued dedication and support to our global customers.

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