Consumer Goods

Footprint’s plant-fiber consumer packaged goods solutions are a flexible and affordable way to go plastic-free. This technology can be used to package a variety of goods, including toothbrushes, speakers, and even TVs.

Saving the planet

Footprint’s CPG packaging solutions outperform the nestability of corrugate and the protection of EPS. Switching to Footprint’s CPG packaging solutions can reduce energy consumption by 79% and lower CO2 emissions by 76%, all while contributing to assembly-line savings across the board. Our solutions:

  • Designed with the intent to be recyclable, compostable, & biodegradable.
  • Made with 100% plant-based fibers including recycled fibers
  • Save warehouse and assembly line floorspace
  • Contribute to reduced number of SKUs
  • Reduce assembly line time and costs
Cooler Picnic Square
Footprint's Plant Based Cooler

NEW PRODUCT | Plant-based Fiber

Footprint’s Plant-based Cooler
Finally a cooler that is Earth digestible. Use it, reuse it. With a 24-can capacity and 5lbs of ice, this cooler will stay cold for 15 hours. Lightweight yet heavy-duty. The is the sustainable cooler countless adventurers rely on.
  • 24 can capacity and 5lbs of ice
  • 20+ hours of cold food
  • 15+ hours of ice retention
  • 5+ days of holding water

Footprint's Solutions

Plant-based Cooler
Wine Shipper
Nail Polish
Electronics Box
Electric Toothbrushes
Electric Toothbrushes

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