Plant-based Fiber Solutions​ Ready to Eat Trays


Upgrade your product offering with Footprint’s ready-to-eat trays. With our fiber trays, your customers won’t have to choose between convenience and health. Enjoy oil and moisture resistant packaging that you can actually cook in, with none of the plastic chemicals. Footprint’s ready-to-eat-trays are:

Saving the planet

When compared to plastic, Footprint’s fiber trays create an average of 60% in energy savings and 38% in CO2 reductions. Footprint’s fiber trays can also be matched to any shape or size, making the transition from plastic to plant-based easier than ever.

  • PFAS free
  • Microwave and Oven Safe
  • Film Sealable
  • Safe for direct food contact
Footprint Rectangular Trays

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