Eliminating Plastic,
Protecting our Planet

Footprint has a clear vision; the elimination of single use and short-term use plastics in packaging.  We design, develop and manufacture molded fiber solutions that are revolutionizing industries by eliminating plastic.

As the fastest growing molded fiber company in North America, Footprint is quickly changing the landscape of what traditional molded fiber can accomplish and where it can be used.  We offer a unique blend of design, engineering and cost savings that makes it easy for companies to switch out of plastic or to switch away from other molded fiber manufactures.

Contact us today to find out why dozens upon dozens of companies are making the switch to Footprint molded fiber solutions.

The Footprint Advantage

Footprint has assembled a team of innovators that are revolutionizing molded fiber’s ability to replace plastics.  If you think that plastic is your only viable option, whether it is because of cost, performance, or critical dimensions, you need to contact Footprint today.  Our solutions are replacing plastic without increasing costs in some of the most demanding industry possible.

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About Footprint

Footprint is a sustainable technology firm that is focused on reducing or eliminating plastics through the development and manufacturing of revolutionary technologies and products. We are designing, developing and implementing the next generation of manufacturing technologies for fiber based packaging solutions on a global scale.  Footprint also develops and manufactures injection molded parts with advanced polymer blends and recycled materials that do better for the environment.

Footprint has manufacturing facilities across North America and in China that help us deliver our innovative solutions globally.


Footprint Cares

Footprint proudly supports the following organizations and their efforts to highlight the global harm of plastic and plastic based packaging.

ORG_PPC.pngPlastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance working toward a world free of plastic pollution. 

ORG_Surfrider.pngSurfrider Foundation ensures clean water, healthy ocean and coastlines and accessible beaches for all.


Reducing Plastic

Many environmental topics can be argued.  Is global warming man-made?  Are we causing the depletion of the ozone?  However, at Footprint we feel that trash and the pollution of our oceans is indisputable.  You can see it on beaches in the form of bits of Styrofoam and EPS packaging.  You can see it along the shore in the form of bottles and one-time use plastics and you can see it in the oceans with thin film bags and photo-degraded plastic pellets floating about.

We love our oceans and waterways and that is why, as a company, we are dedicated to developing solutions that reduce this plastic pollution.