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straws SUCK.

That's why Footprint spent a year designing a better paper straw that also won't hurt the environment.

Why is something so small such a big deal?

Engineering a Plastic Straw Alternative

Footprint has sold over a billion straws since 2019, preventing plastic straws from harming the environment.

Soggy straws? No thanks. Footprint spent a full year engineering a quality straw that performs like plastic. Our straws are engineered to be strong over the course of days of use, while still breaking down completely after disposal.

Footprint Straw Collage

Landmarks in the Anti-PLASTIC Straw Campaign

  • 2017

    National Skip the Straw Day, established by teens in Michigan

  • 2018

    European Union bans single-use straws

  • 2018

    Seattle becomes the first major U.S. city to ban straws

  • 2019

    California mandates restaurants to distribute plastic straws only upon request

  • 2020

    England bans all single-use plastic straws

  • 2021

    Canada & Mexico City ban single-use plastics

  • 2022

    India bans single-use plastics including cups and straws

  • 2023

    New Zealand bans the sale of single-use drinking straws containing any plastics

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Footprint Straws are:



Awards and Recognition

Want to find out more about plastic straw alternatives?

Check out our top blog post of all time (updated for 2022) on the history of straws, the anti-straw movement and Footprint’s latest compostable straw designs.