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Careers at Footprint

Sustainable Technology

Do you have what it takes to change the world?

This isn’t any company. This is a company full of passionate believers that we can make an impact on the planet and people’s health through innovative materials science technology. From inventing breakthrough and sustainable new chemistries, designs and tooling to overseeing manufacturing processes and driving operational excellence, to marketing and sales roles in one of the most dynamic industries anywhere, we’ve probably got an exciting career opportunity for you!

Footprint values our employees. Without them, we could not deliver the results that our customers have come to expect. When you join Footprint you will joining a global, rapidly growing organization that fosters new ideas, enables personal growth and all while enjoying what we do.

Every position at Footprint directly enables a better future for all of us. If you want to make a difference by working somewhere purpose-driven, then Footprint may be the place for you.

Want to make a difference? So do we.

01 Protect the Planet

When was the last time you had a chance to change the world? Every position at Footprint is helping to reduce plastic waste and increase sustainable plant-based fiber options for customers.

02 Map your own Future

Reap the rewards of your passion and hard work. Our rapid growth means plenty of opportunities for advancement.

03 Stronger Together

Through teamwork and innovation, we create the technologies that are transforming industries.

04 Our Promise

When you work for Footprint, we will be investing in you with career growth paths and incentives that reward excellence. 

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We are a powerhouse team that is growing fast, globally. Join us in creating technologies that enable a Healthy Planet and Healthy People. 

Our awards

Footprint has won various awards since its inception in 2014.

Employee Spotlights

Our Employee Spotlights highlight the culture and personality of our talented team. Footprint staffers are passionate about engineering and sustainability—they’re also well-rounded people who care deeply about leaving the world better than they found it.

Venmathy McMahan

Beach or Mountains
I am a beach person! I am a firm believer that life is better with some “Vitamin Sea.” Ocean waters, sand, and breeze can make a significant difference in mental and physical well-being. 

FAV Project
I enjoy all my projects, but my favorite project is our plastic free drinking cup project.

Favorite Animal
Dogs are my favorite animal. They are endless in their devotion and love. you can’t ask for a better companion or addition to the family.

I enjoy following David Rubenstein. He has interviewed everyone from former presidents, to Oprah, to tech billionaires and it’s interesting to learn the uniqueness of each leader’s story.

Growing up my two biggest passions have revolved around food and science/engineering. I enjoy working at Footprint developing products that make a positive impact on the planet.

Andrew Walsh

Beach or Mountains
Mountains, 100%. I very much enjoy a good beach day, but the mountains have my heart.

FAV Project
For sure working on cars. As frustrating as it can be, I've always enjoyed working on trucks and appreciating the places they take me and the stories they allow me to tell.

Favorite Animal
Ospreys, also known as fish eagles. They'll always remind me of growing up fishing Arizona's high country lakes with my grandpa. There's something special about hearing and seeing them swoop down to catch fish.

For me it's Jesus Christ. Practically speaking, it means striving to live my life with purpose and discipline, to work hard, yet to remain unhurried amidst the constant chaos of this world. It also means exemplifying the ways he loved and welcomed people from all walks of life.

I find the most joy in exploring God's creation and sharing it with others. Whether that be through camping, hiking, or mountain biking, when I'm not in the office, odds are I'm outside with people I love.

Danielle Stevens

Beach or Mountains

FAV Project
Spray Recirculation Cart

Favorite Animal

Don't really have one. I tend to compete with myself, striving for each day to be better than the day before and learning from everyone around me.

Sports / Playing Softball